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Senbet Zefre (2020)

How different are the Lord's ways from our own. Gracious and good to all, the Lord is equally generous in compassion and love to both those who are quick to respond to his invitation as well as those who are slow to hear his call. May the Lord Jesus always be our life. read more

New-YEAR-2013 (2020)

As the New year begins you are invited to reflect as Mary did, on how God's life is growing in you and being passed on to others through you. read more

Ldeta Mariam (2020)

Let us rejoice in the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was predestined to give birth by the strength of the Lord. read more

Rufaesl MelaK (2020)

The Archangel Raphae's name means, God has healed. In the O.T. book of Tobit, Raphael heals Tobit of blindness, he protects and guides Tobias on his travels and he delivers Sarah from an evil demon. read more

Senbet ZemebreQ (2020)

Following the Lord means nothing less than the cross; offering our selves with Jesus as a living sacrifice and not conforming ourselves to this world. Following him will entail derision and scorn, yet the Lord is our help. read more

Senbet zeugle QeAt (2020)

Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. read more

3rd Fleseta Mariam (2020).

Because she belonged to Christ, Mary, our queen, is raised on high, a great sign for all who believe in her Son. read more

Debre Tabor (2020)

Transfigured in glory, the Son of Man has received kingship and dominion. He will come again in glory. read more

Flseta Lemariam (2020)

The Feast of the Assumption is a reminder to us of how high God has raised each of us through the life, death and resurrection of his Son. read more

2nd Senbet Flseta (2020)

By pronouncing her fiat at the annunciation and giving her consent to the Incarnation, Mary was already collaborating with the whole work her Son was to accomplish. She is mother wherever he is Savior and head of the Mystical Body. read more

1st Senbet Zeflseta (2020)

Mary assumed body and soul into heaven, because of the dignity of her motherhood and her own personal submission to God's will at every stage of her life, takes precedence over everyone in the sharing of God's glory which is the destiny of all of us who die united with Christ her Son. read more

5th Senbet Zembreq Zekremt (2020)

The Lord allowed his disciples to enter danger to make them suffer, and he did not immediately come to their aid; he left them in peril for the whole night, to teach them to be patient and not to be accustomed to receiving immediate succor in tribulation (Theophylact. Enarratio in Evangelium Marci, in loc.) read more