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Senbet ze-debrezeit (2009)

Prepare the way is the message for this Sunday. When Jesus comes will your heart be worthy to receive him? That is the question. read more

Senbest ze-metsagu (2009)

The reflection for this Sunday is to learn how be thankful. We have so many things to be thankful for. God expects us to be thankful and give glory to Him. read more

Senbet ze-mukurab (2009)

The reflection for this week is contributed by abba Negusse Fesseha. Let us read and meditate on the reflections provided. God Bless you all. read more

1st Senbet ze-astemhro (2009)

The reflection of the first Sunday zeastemhro reminds us that Jesus brought salvation to humanity. Let us reflect on the teachings Jesus left for us. We are so grateful to Abba Negusse for providing these reflections. read more

Medhanie Alem (2009)

This reflection provided for us by Abba Negusse gives us the opportunity to reflect on the saving grace of our Savior. May He give us His wisdom to give importance to what is important i.e. the salvation of our souls. read more

5th Senbet ze-tsghe (2009)

The reflection of this is week provided for us by Abba Negusse. Let us take some time to meditate what God wants of us read more

3rd Senbet ze-tsghe (2009)

The reflection for this week is presented for us thanks to Abba Negusse. Let us take time to reflect and pray in this journey of ours taking us towards our eternal life. read more

2nd senbet ze-tsghe (2009)

This week's Sermon contributed by Abba Negusse Fesseha is a reflection that reminds us that we too like Mary the mother of Jesus are invitd to help our neighbours in need. read more

Senbet ze-tsghe (2009)

This Sunday's reflection is presented for us by Abba Negusse. It is a blessing and a privilage of having for the time for this reflection and thanks for Abba Negusse for gracing us with the reflection. read more

2nd Senbet ze-meskel

The reflection for the second Sunday of Meskel by Abba Negusse challenges us to follow the road to eternity . We ar invitd to carry our cross as that is our way to salvation. read more

Meskel (2009)

The sermon for Meskel of 2009 (2002) reminding us about our salvation. This sermon was written by Abba Negusse read more

Happy new year (2009)

As this is the new Year (Julian Calendar 2002) Fr. Negusse's reflection provides us a chance to reflect on the past as well as for the new year. read more